Hullgrow is made from weed free rice hulls.  We use a proprietary process to eliminate the problems that can occur with other rice hull products.  Specifically, weed seeds in the finished product.  The elimination of weed seeds results in a product that is ideally suited for horticultural use.  You can add Hullgrow to your growing mix with confidence.  Hullgrow will not introduce weed seeds that can germinate and compete with crops or attract pests that can disrupt or destroy crop growth.   Applications for Hullgrow include greenhouses, vegetable transplant, soil mixing, crop aeration and general aggregate substitute.

Hullgrow is a perfect replacement for perlite in the growing mix.  In nursery stock, Hullgrow can be used to prevent airborne weed seeds from reaching the growing mix.  Hullgrow can also help growers produce quality plant material using less water.  Using less water will reduce disease pressure, reduce fungus gnat issues and reduce fertilizer leaching.

Key benefits of Hullgrow:

  • Less espensive
  • Greater porosity allowing higher percentages of organic compounds (i.e. peat moss) in mixes
  • Eliminates the traditional problem of weed seed in non-processed rice hulls
  • Increases water retention
  • 100% natural, and therefore a natural ornamental appearance
  • Green, biodegradable, and sustainable alternative to petroleum-based aggregate products